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Scot with his wife, Caitlin, and their daughter.

The Farm Stand is owned by farmers, Scot & Corey Givens, of Laurel, DE. These brothers began their love for farming when they were just teenagers. They set up a small produce wagon in front of their house on a busy country road.

Today, the brothers grow watermelons, corn, soybeans, wheat, vegetables, and raise broiler chickens.
And they've added some ladies to their lives too! Caitlin and Kristen Givens operate the original produce wagon, now called Givens Produce and The Farm Stand, a produce delivery service that they run straight from the farm in Laurel, DE.

It is no surprise that Scot and Corey love farming. They are fourth generation farmers, following in the footsteps of their father, Jeff Givens, a farmer, and their two grandfathers, Richard Bennett and Burton Givens, who was the son of Charles Givens, a dairy farmer.


Charles Givens was born in 1879. In addition to farming wheat, corn, and soybeans all his life, he had a trucking business and operated a grocery store until 1935, when he started Givens Dairy.


Charles and his wife, Margaret Lee Allen Givens had seven children.  Burton was born in 1939 and he too had a strong desire to farm. Graduating in 1957 and marrying his grade school sweetheart, Erma Fleetwood Givens, who also had strong farming roots, Burton built poultry houses in 1963.  In 1968, he began  farming grain and vegetables - growing cantaloupes, corn, peppers, soybeans, watermelons and wheat.  In addition to farming, Burton and Erma had a gas company in Laurel,  Mitchell's Gas Service, that they operated until 1980.


Burton and Erma had four children.   Their second child, Jeff, Scot and Corey's father, was born in 1958 and still continues to farm today.   Jeff married Shelley Bennett Givens, daughter of Richard and Helen Mae Bennett.  Richard began farming cantaloupes, corn, soybeans, watermelons and wheat in 1956. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are both deceased, but the love they shared for farming has not.


Givens Produce

The "original" produce stand that serves our local friends and family in our hometown of Laurel, Delaware. Open dawn until dusk and stocked daily every morning after veggies are picked, this roadside stand still operates on an honor system.



8947 Woodland Ferry Road

Laurel, DE 19956

The Farm Stand

Located in Laurel, Delaware, The Givens' began delivering their produce, fresh eggs, milk, pies, and other specialty items in May of 2017 straight to the consumer's homes.


 Corey with his wife, Kristen, and their son.

We proudly grow watermelons for Melon1 and are members of the Mar-Del and National Watermelon Associations.
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