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 The Givens Family grows fresh fruits and vegetables for you!  You commit to a crop-share for a season, and we do all of the planning, tending, nurturing, and picking, and then deliver it right to your doorstep!   Having your own garden has never been more convenient.  

Nowhere else can you get it any fresher than this.  It will be in your kitchen within hours of being picked, versus multiple days/weeks.  Each week’s share consists of what’s in-season and ready to be picked.  Customization available when quantities harvested allow or NEW this year - YOU can choose a Custom Small or Large Box!

The “C” in CSA stands for Community.  We make this a true community initiative by including items periodically from other select local farms that meet our quality and growing standards, increasing our variety and options.   We really are “A Farmer’s Market Delivered to Your Doorstep!”

We provide you with a Free Family Cookbook, where you can add our enclosed recipes each week, ways to prepare your produce, coupons, AND newsletters each week about what's going on around our farm!

Did you know that we even have an online store when you subscribe as a CSA customer?  Not only can you add on items each week, you can buy local honey, salad dressings, homemade jams and sauces, fresh farm eggs, fresh breads, and our farmer's favorite - homemade PIES and sweet potato BISCUITS from The Ugly Pie Bakery!


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