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Our Market

Visit our quaint market this season, located on Rt. 24, just outside of Millsboro town limits, over the Cupola Bridge, on the left. We opened our doors in April of 2016 and we strive to keep a bit of southern farm charm integrated in our market to ensure a unique shopping experience! Stop in today to browse our large selection of homemade jams, jellies, relishes, canned vegetables, dips, breads, and soup mixes, Blue Crab Bay products, famous Fischer's Popcorn, soy candles, fresh, LOCAL vegetables, farm fresh eggs, milk, cheese, and ice cream, tons of fresh flowers and hanging baskets,  fun gifts, and décor!

Take a gander at our produce that is stocked throughout the season:

     * Apples

     * Asparagus

     * Blueberries

     * Broccoli

     * Cauliflower

     * Cantaloupes

     * Cucumbers

     * Eggplant

     * Green Peppers

     * Lettuce 

     * Onions

     * Peaches

     * Potatoes

     * Pumpkins

     * Squash

     * Strawberries

     * String Beans

     * Sweet Corn

     * Tomatoes

     * Watermelons

     *  Zucchini


Meet Our Staff

 We sure do have fun on the farm and we have some pretty special employees that will greet you!

Meet Us at

The Laurel Farmer's Market

In 2017 we joined The Laurel Farmer's Market. You can catch us there this summer too!

Stay tuned for opening dates and times each week!

We accept cash, credit cards, check, and NOW EBT cards!

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