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The Farm Stand Community Yard Sale






















-         You will be assigned a booth number the week of the yard sale. Please look for this   

           number booth when you arrive that morning and set up in your designated 12’X12’


-         Please bring your own table and chairs

-         You may NOT begin setting up before 6:30am. All vehicles must be removed from

           property before 8:00am.

-         No food vendors allowed. There will be a food vendor on site selling food.

-         All items, trash, tables, and chairs must be picked up when you leave or you will be

          charged a fine.

-         Booth rental is $25 for the day and we require payment prior to the event. We will send

          you an invoice via email and you can pay it online using a debit or credit card or send a

          check.  The check must be received by September 22th in order for you to have a

          booth in your name. Invoice must be paid for booth spot by September 22th to have a

          spot in your name. There will be no payments taken on the day of the event or in the  


Let us know your preference above.

___Pay invoice online        ____Send check before September 15th


Keep in mind these spots sell out each time because this is a prime location.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any additional questions by emailing us a

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